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Hi Friends! We are Joan and Brent and we are so glad that you have gotten to this page to get to know more about us and where we came from! 

First off, who are we? We are a husband and wife photography team! We have been together since 2003 and have had different jobs and callings since then! We both met in the small world of Figure Skating and from there, we competed at different national and international competitions. We never actually skated together as a couple, as I was an individual freestyle skater and he was an ice dancer. After our competitive careers came to a close, we eventually continued our skating careers on a professional level and joined Disney on Ice as performers. We got to live out our dream of traveling on a few tours with the company and got to explore almost the entire US and also different countries like Italy, the Canary Islands, Spain, Canada, and Brazil, just to name a few!






















Disney On Ice Days :)Just a few behind the scenes shots from our time as performers! Joan and her on-ice partner, Dom portraying Mulan and Zhang

In between our tours, we got married in Dallas, TX in 2009. It felt like a million degrees outside, but the one thing that I (Joan) remember, was that our photographer was such a huge trooper and suffered the heat with us and captured such amazing outdoor portraits of all of us! We were just in love with our photos from the day and we couldn't be more grateful to be able to re-live those moments over and over again! We LOVE him!

Wedding PortraitPhoto Credit: Kyle Coburn, Coburn Photography


While we were on tour, we couldn't believe the amount of amazing sites we got to see and wanted to document them so we could tell the stories of the places we visited to all our friends and family for many years to come! So we ended up buying our first DSLR, a Nikon D90, to carry with us around the world! We have countless albums documenting our travels and from there, our passion for photography only grew.

After a series of chronic injuries that plagued my back, knees, and wrist, we decided that it was time to get off the road, settle down, and start a new life. Fortunately, Brent's parents were gracious enough to share their home with us while we got our feet under us while we got started! We ended up coaching figure skating to generate an income for us. From there, we both ended up looking for different avenues of income and struggled to find a real fit for us. I ended up working a couple part time jobs and then ended up in a corporate setting for a little bit. Along with coaching, Brent ended up going into Real Estate and has been in it since then.

After struggling in the corporate setting and simply feeling unfit for any of the jobs I was in, I eventually evaluated where my values, passions, and motivations lay, and re-discovered my love for photography. From there, I photographed everything from family portraits, senior portraits, newborns, holiday parties, birthday parties, you name it... Not only was I photographing everything, I did it for either free or at a hugely discounted rate JUST to get a portfolio going! 

Eventually, as that business grew, I landed my first wedding. A destination wedding at that! After that, there was no turning back. I eventually went on to quit my part time jobs and my corporate job to focus on building my photography business. All the while, Brent was continuing on with coaching and real estate and doing a pretty great job at it. He would also help out with second shooting or assisting on numerous occasions.

Joan and Brent shooting a Wedding in Spain

In 2015, we welcomed a rambunctious baby boy into the world and our lives were completely changed (for the better of course :))! We had to reevaluate a lot of our priorities and look at how we would work everything out. Would I work? Would I stay home? What should we do about work? As a new parents, we were overwhelmed with sleepless nights, diaper changes, feeding schedules, and things that would happen that the internet had a gajillion completely opposing solutions for different problems that would arise, which gave us a little bit of anxiety. We knew we wanted to make it our goal to be able to work for ourselves and own our own companies to make sure we can stay home with the little guy as much as we can. 

Our Maternity Pics :)Photo Credit: Kyle Coburn, Coburn Photography Our Maternity Pics :)Photo Credit: Kyle Coburn, Coburn Photography Our Maternity Pics :)Photo Credit: Kyle Coburn, Coburn Photography

Holdburg Family Portrait

I kept on shooting and as the business continued to grow, we felt that some changes and improvements in the business needed to happen! So, Brent decided that he wanted to fully jump on board and officially partner up with me! I was beyond excited!

So what started as Joan Cristobal Photography has now transformed into Joan and Brent Photography!

Now that you've heard our story (a SUPER condensed version), we would LOVE to hear and tell yours!


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