"There are really not enough adjectives in the English language to adequately describe Joan and her gift for photography.  She truly has an eye like none other, and we have been amazed with all the photos she has taken for us – engagements, bridals, and wedding pictures.  When she is working with you, she has a way of putting everyone at ease, and making sure that the experience is fun – even for those that really don’t like taking pictures.  Joan will do anything that she has to do to get the perfect shot, even if it means laying on the ground, sitting on her husband’s shoulders, or running to capture the same moment from two angles.

At our wedding, working with Joan was amazing.  Not only was it so special to have my best friend by my side as I got ready, but she captured shots that mean so much to me throughout our entire wedding weekend.  When we got our wedding photos back, we kept saying “when did she take that?” and “I would have never thought to take that picture, but it’s perfect”.  Anyone who has seen our photographs are spellbound by her talent.  Joan has our highest recommendations, and it was a pure honor to work with her.  She will be a part of our family for the rest of our lives. "

-Mike & Aanya Montgomery


"Alright, it's time to talk about how awesome Joan is and the amazing work that she does. She is tiny but don't let that fool you. Bruce Lee didn't have her moves. Photo ninja is definitely the correct adjective to explain the charisma and swiftness she brings to a shoot. We could not have asked for a more organized, energetic and talented photographer. Not only did she capture all the attributes of our wedding that my wife Amber and I asked for, but she also captured moments that we will cherish forever. Never, would we have seen them if she hadn't been there at that perfect time and in the perfect place. Joan helped us both feel comfortable and confident that everything was going to go just right; bringing out the best in every picture. Now for her second shooter. He was ok. JUST KIDDING! Joan's husband Brent was just as awesome! Not only was he providing another camera angle but he also became shoulder stilts for a high flying camera ninja! Together they were perfect for our wedding. We felt like at the time and also know now they cared about us from beginning to end. Joan and Brent are wonderful people that we are proud to call our friends. We thank you so much for the experience that you provided for us. I don't believe anyone else could have done it better. #photoninjastrikesagain #photopro#weddingbliss"

- Sam and Amber Lawrence


"I wanted to thank you for another successful year. All of the photos look great. All of the families loved them!"

- Shequila Holt - The Plaza at Edgemere